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Creative Arts Therapies have been a successful modality for effectively treating substance abuse and co-occurring disorders since the 1990s.  Evidenced-based art therapy supports client in self-exploration, self-examination, recovery, and wholeness.

For many people with substance use disorders, the many problems caused by dependency and the effects of dependency raze self-esteem and self-efficacy and result in painful feelings of shame and guilt.  Such feelings and experiences are often difficult for people to understand and articulate.  Indeed, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and the creative arts therapies help clients put into words complex feelings and experiences.   Such is the foundation of personal insight, and a critical step towards taking responsibility for one’s decisions and behaviors.  Art therapy provides a venue for exploration and self-understanding, while offsetting client resistance, in a supportive and an uplifting environment.

In addition, and perhaps of even greater long-term significance, is the value of creating itself.  Whether through painting, sculpting, drawing, collage making or other creative endeavors, clients have the opportunity to awaken and re-ignite their creative selves, providing an experience of joy and delight.  For many clients with substance dependencies, life has offered too few opportunities for joy and positive self-discovery.  Much of psychotherapy is hard work, and creative arts therapies offer an uplifting counter-balance that supports the client’s continued commitment to treatment and life goals.

Q Health promotes creative self-expression and growth in our on-site Centers for Creativity.  Our Centers for Creativity provide a dedicated space staffed by expert creative arts therapists where clients can explore, create, and re-awaken their creative potential in a collaborative and an encouraging environment.