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“I walked in the doors an absolutely broken person. The disease of addiction had me crushed. In the doorstep of hopeless defeat I walked into treatment with Q Health. Over the course of my treatment, I was given all of the tools to lead and live a happy, fruitful, sober life. I can never repay what was given to me, and that was a chance to become great.” – Erik H

“When I went into treatment, I was in a fragile emotional state but was held accountable and entrusted with my sobriety and myself. I found a safe haven in which to recover from years of abuse to my family and myself. I was held to a higher standard than I had ever given myself credit for being able to achieve and I was taught how to be a good man, an honest man. Q Health gave me a fresh start in a beautiful community.” – Zachariah B

“This program taught me how to be a productive member of society. It addressed the issues in early recovery that were important to me. The career program helped me enter into a fulfilling position. My life is better than it has ever been due to the guidance I was given by the professionals at Q Health.” – Ryan W

“My stay at Q Health was crucial to my recovery. After treatment is over and suddenly you’re given back your free will, it can be overwhelming. The sober environment provided me housing, sober fellowship, an introduction to AA, and a strict code of conduct, allowed me to get back out into the real world with a strong foundation of sobriety. My sobriety date is March 15, 2014.” – Robert B

“This program gave me an opportunity to get sober and change my life. They gave me the tools I needed to stay sober upon leaving their sober living environment. While I was there they helped with acquiring a job and pointed me in the right direction moving forward with my life.” – Brian R

“The staff at Q Health was not only knowledgeable but empathetic as well. This made all the difference for me. Knowing that these professionals truly understood my struggle made each day a little easier. I can’t thank this team enough for helping me begin my road to recovery and sober living.” – Julie P.

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