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Q Health Treatment Centers

At Q Health, we believe people who want treatment should be able to begin treatment as soon as possible. Our Q Health expedited intake platform provides clients the opportunity to begin treatment the same day or next business day. In contrast, clients who are forced to wait weeks or months to begin treatment are less likely to start and complete treatment.

From the first moment of contact, the Q Health Client Engagement Team provides clients and families a positive, helpful experience. We are committed to demonstrating respect to every client and family member, building the foundation for positive relationships and successful treatment outcomes. We understand that delays in starting treatment, complicated paperwork and confusing instructions are all barriers to success. Therefore, our goal is to provide clients and families a simple, user-friendly engagement experience with fast access to treatment.

We provide multiple avenues for clients and families to contact us, including chatting with a live Intake Specialist on this website, booking appointments online, leaving a phone message, or visiting us at our walk-in welcome center to speak in-person with a knowledgeable Intake Specialist.

Our central information, referral, and intake telephone number is answered by a trained Intake Specialist who can answer questions, de-escalate a crisis, and immediately start the intake process either over the phone or by scheduling a same-day in-person intake appointment. Our on-site walk-in Welcome Center is staffed by Intake Specialists who can immediately respond to clients’ needs and begin the intake process. Once clients are approved for treatment, they can begin their treatment the same day or the next business day. Our in-network status with more than 30 major insurance companies expedites approvals.

For clients who need help getting to our facility, our Client Engagement Team will arrange transportation to our closest facility within a 50-mile radius at no charge to the client.

All Q Health treatment centers take full advantage of the Q Wellness Model, a comprehensive, integrated holistic treatment system.  The Q Wellness Model is deeply grounded in research and evidenced-based practices that are individually tailored to each person’s unique needs and treatment goals.  Our facilities offer Counseling Services, Medical Services, Nutrition and Diet Services, Ancillary Wellness Services, Spiritual Guidance Services, and Fitness and Recreational Services. Q Health also offers Residential Opportunities.

The Q Health counseling services draw on diverse, evidenced-based therapy modalities individually tailored to each person based upon the person’s clinical needs, preferences, and treatment goals. These modalities include: individual and group counseling, family and marriage counseling, creative arts therapy, equine therapy and 12-step meetings.

Q Health medical services include on-site medical care and services to each client as they begin treatment (as well as throughout treatment) and serves as a core component of our comprehensive assessment process. Our medical team is comprised of board certified physicians, advanced practice nurses, and registered nurses with expertise in addiction medicine, psychiatry, family medicine, and behavioral health.

Q Health nutrition and diet services are available on-site through our registered dieticians and include individual and group diet counseling as well as group activities and education. Our ancillary services include both acupuncture therapy for smoking cessation, pain management, relaxation, and mobility, and massage therapy to promote relaxation, reduce muscle pain and tension, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Access to on-site spiritual guidance from spiritual leaders from diverse spiritual backgrounds and practices is readily available at all our facilities. Meditation and guided imagery are offered at both the individual and group levels as well as yoga are part of Q Health’s Spiritual Guidance Services.

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