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Co-Occurring Disorders
The QHS Service Delivery Team Provides Expert, Specialized Treatment and Services

As a behavioral healthcare provider, QHS offers specialized, targeted treatments and services to three major categories of disorders:  mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders, and co-occurring disorders that include both mental health and substance abuse diagnoses.

The capacity to treat co-occurring disorders is critical, as that many providers continue to only treat mental health disorders or substance abuse disorders, but not both.


Since 2003, Florida has emphasized and given precedence to providers able to treat both mental health and substance abuse problems.[i]  Our model provides a competitive advantage and makes common sense, because co-occurring disorders are so common.  For individuals with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and PTSD, co-occurring substance abuse can approach 50%, depending on the characteristics of a specific population.[ii]

People with severe, primary substance dependency problems often have co-occurring mental health disorders because they are self-medicating and because psychoactive substances by their very definition impact mood, usually with long-term negative results.[iii]  For example, alcohol, pain relievers, and opiates such as heroin are all central nervous system depressants, and as a depressants they depress mood and often trigger or exacerbate mood disorders.

Treatment of substance abuse also implies the capacity to effectively treat polysubstance abuse.  Florida’s Department of Children and Families reports that among the 55,000 people in Florida enrolled in substance use treatment in a single-day count in 2012:


  • 2% were in treatment for a drug problem only;
  • 4% were in treatment for an alcohol problem only;
  • 4% were in treatment for problems with both drugs and alcohol.

Our ability to effectively treat mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders is a significant distinction and immediately provides us a competitive advantage over many of our competitors, who still tend toward treating either substance abuse or mental health, but not both.

Effectively providing a range of specialized treatment requires in-depth clinical expertise and skills by a multidisciplinary clinical team, knowledge of emerging behavioral health trends, and robust organizational leadership, systems, and structures to effectuate excellent, sustainable, and profitable care delivery.  This is precisely our mission and passion and reflects our commitment to business intelligence and expert care.


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