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Q Health has compiled the following informational resources to help you gather knowledge and understanding, not only about the programs we offer, but general information about disorders, addiction and treatments as well. We realize that dealing with addictions and disorders, whether for yourself or a loved one, can be a confusing and emotional journey and our hope is that this information can give you a place to start.


What was previously referred to as Addiction is now commonly known in the behavioral healthcare community as substance dependencies. However we recognize that people often still refer to these dependency behaviors as addiction. Substance dependency or drug dependency is an adaptive state that occurs from repeated drug administration and results in withdrawls upon cessation.


Behavioral and emotional disorders are psychological patterns associated with distress or disability that is not a party of normal development culture. There are many types of emotional and behavioral disorders and that fall under five models including: behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, biophysical and ecological.

Therapy Options

The Q Health service delivery model provides a spectrum of tailored, evidence-based, best practices to reduce and remove the negative impact and repercussions of mental health and substance abuse problems while also offering opportunities to realize full potential. Q Health offers our clients a diverse selection of therapy options and services at all our treatment facilities.

For Teens

At Q Health we recognize that teens’ disorders and substance addictions can be compounded with the pressures of peers, school and social pressures. For that reason, we have developed specific programs, educational groups, individual counseling, family therapies and recreational activities designed with teens in mind.

Get Help Now

If you are reading this, chances are someone you love is struggling with an addiction or disorder. At Q Health, we believe people who want treatment should be able to begin treatment as soon as possible. Our Q Health expedited intake platform provides clients the opportunity to begin treatment the same day or next business day. Our central information, referral, and intake telephone number (561.406.0140) is answered by a trained Intake Specialist who can answer questions, de-escalate a crisis, and immediately start the intake process either over the phone or by scheduling a same-day in-person intake appointment.

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