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Our employees at Q Health Group are passionate and dedicated to our clients’ success. We are committed to providing a professional learning environment with meaningful work, where employees are treated fairly, recognized for exceptional performance, and provide support and opportunities to realize a rewarding career. At the core of our personnel plan is our commitment to build an organizational culture conducive of excellence, superior knowledge, professional development and gratifying vocations.

We are dedicated to providing innovative, high impact services which effectively treat the symptoms and problems associated with behavioral health care issues, while also building the competencies, behaviors and resources to lead healthy, satisfied, productive lives for all our clients.

Our Vision and Mission

The Q Health Vision

At Q Health Group, we believe each person has the right and the ability to discover and reach their unique, individual potential and become their truest and best self.  We also recognize behavioral health problems often block and derail human potential and productivity. Therefore, our service delivery model provides a spectrum of tailored, evidence-based, best practices to reduce and remove the negative impact and repercussions of mental health and substance abuse problems while also offering opportunities to realize human potential.

Q Health has established a multidisciplinary Service Delivery Team of expert behavioral healthcare professionals with a passion for delivering high-impact, successful behavioral health services. We are in the people business and our commitment to and for people is deeply imbedded throughout our mission, values, philosophy, service delivery model, and reflected through each and every aspect of our operations.

The Q Health Mission

Q Health offers hope, recovery and wellness, it’s—not just the reducing of symptoms. We are in the business of building healthy, satisfying, productive lives. We provide a broad continuum of behavioral healthcare services to adolescents and adults in need of mental health and substance abuse services. Our mission is to provide individuals with a dramatically enhanced experience of behavioral healthcare through our culturally relevant Q Heath Wellness Model. In addition to treating illness, we at Q Health believe it is equally important to create a pathway to wellness.

Our research-based, scientifically driven Q Health Wellness Model seamlessly integrates high-impact behavioral health treatment with transformative, holistic opportunities to unleash human potential by building healthy bodies, encouraging positive behaviors, developing insightful and thoughtful minds, establishing emotional stability, and enjoying rewarding, uplifting relationships.  We believe each of these five components is critical to living a fulfilled, satisfied, and productive life.

5 Pillars of Wellness:

  1. The Action Pillar. Positive change occurs through action and measurable behavior changes
  2. The Fitness Pillar. Healthy bodies support healthy minds (and vice versa). Q Health places emphasis on nutrition, exercise and fitness.
  3. The Mind Pillar. Healthy minds need intellectual stimulation and resources to increase knowledge, insight and problem-solving skills.
  4. The Emotional Pillar. Healthy and balanced psyches require emotional intelligence and healing. These processes can be supported through practices such as meditation, yoga and spiritual reflection.
  5. The Social Pillar. We are social beings and need positive, healthy, supportive relationships.