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The Q Health Counseling Suite

Our Treatment and Counseling Division draws on diverse, evidenced-based therapy modalities individually tailored to each person based upon the person’s clinical needs, preferences, and treatment goals.

  • Individual Counseling offers important opportunities for each client to gain insight, improve decision-making skills and resilience, and achieve emotional stability.
  • Group Counseling further enhances learning and personal growth, supports positive social relationships, and builds the foundation for clients to experience mutual support and encouragement.
  • Family and Marriage Counseling is available (but not required) for those who would like to include family members and partners into their treatment.  Family and marriage counseling uses short-term, solution-focused models to strengthen family structures and systems, support recovery, and build positive family relationships.
  • Creative Arts Therapy can be a valuable approach for clients who wish to discover and better understand their inner self, uncover hidden personal potential, and process complex thoughts and feelings that are sometimes difficult to put into words.  
  • Equine Therapy is the discipline of using horses as a means to provide metaphoric experiences in order to promote emotional growth.  Besides the immense enjoyment many find in simply being with horses, equine therapy promotes communication, self-efficacy, trust, and communication skills.
  • Access to 12-Step Meetings.   Clients have many opportunities to attend various 12-step meetings in the community to further support recovery and sobriety.  Q Health staff provide transportation to 12-step meetings, including during evenings, weekends, and holidays.

The Q Health Medical Suite

Our medical division offers on-site medical care and services to each client as they begin treatment (as well as throughout treatment) and serves as a core component of our comprehensive assessment process.  Our medical team is comprised of board certified physicians, advanced practice nurses, and registered nurses.  Our medical team also serve as faculty members with prestigious medical schools and have specialized training and expertise in addiction medicine, psychiatry, family medicine, and behavioral health.

  • Access to ongoing medical follow-up care, as indicated by each client’s health and medical needs. 
  • On-site psychiatric services for assessment and diagnostic care, psychotherapy, and psychopharmacological medication management.
  • Access to ancillary chiropractic services, per the client’s needs and preferences for treatment of chronic pain, previous injuries, and to promote mobility.

Nutrition and Diet Services

Our diet and nutrition services are available through our registered dietitians in our on-site Nutrition and Wellness Suite.

  • Individual nutrition and diet counseling are provided to each client at the point-of-entry.
  • Individual diet and nutrition counseling for clients experiencing weight gain as a result of taking psychotropic medications.
  • Group activities and education which support healthy diets, food choices, and lifestyles.
  • Individual and group counseling and support for those with eating disorders, and those challenged by weight and food consumption problems (e.g. underweight, overweight, and binge eating).
  • In addition, our dietitian provides consultation and guidance for selection of on-site meals provided to clients to ensure that food choices are delicious, healthy, and nutritious.

Ancillary Wellness Services

Q Health provides wellness services as part of our overall treatment plans. These services are available and optional for clients who are so inclined.  These services may be arranged as a one-time only session or also may be booked for ongoing sessions.

  • Acupuncture Therapy for smoking cessation, pain management, relaxation, and mobility.
  • Massage Therapy to promote relaxation, reduce muscle pain and tension, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Spiritual Guidance Services

Spiritual growth is an important part of wellness and healthy living. Our guidance services are offered as an option for those who wish to explore or continue in new or existing spiritual practices and disciplines.

  • Access to on-site spiritual guidance from spiritual leaders from diverse spiritual backgrounds and practices.
  • Meditation and guided imagery at both the individual and group level.
  • Yoga and related mind and body practices which promote health and relaxation.
  • For clients living in Q Health residences, many opportunities are available throughout the week, weekends, and holidays for clients to attend and participate in religious and spiritual services and events of their choosing.

Fitness and Recreation Services

Healthy living is an important aspect to the Q Wellness Model.  Therapy is hard work. In turn, having opportunities to have fun, relax, and work out are healthy choices which further support and enhance sobriety, wellness, self-esteem, and positive social relationships.

  • Our facilities offers a great outdoor spaces with covered dining and social areas, attractive landscaping, and areas to enjoy beautiful south Florida weather and each other.
  • Onsite recreation activities include basketball and tetherball.
  • Opportunities for gym memberships with individual fitness instructors and coaches.
  • On-site and off-site cardio, exercise, and fitness classes.